Sunday Morning 10:30 AM // Evening Study 6:00 PM
A Community of Hope
Offering Hope to Our Community

Find a listing of upcoming events below!

“Men of Hope” Bible Study

Men are invited to Dean Smith’s home on Saturday mornings to encourage one another and learn from the Scriptures. We will meet twice a month. Currently, we are looking at the Gospel of Luke.

Morning Worship Service

All are welcomed to our morning service on Lord’s Day! What happens at a service? Most weeks an elder will lead service, which includes reading from the Bible, singing, the elder prays on behalf of the people, & hearing Pastor Gregory speak on a Bible passage. Will I be expected to do anything? Don’t worry,…

Lunch in the Park

To help welcome the Geneva students worshipping with us, while providing an important opportunity for congregational fellowship (and taking advantage of the warmer weather), the Fellowship Committee invites the congregation and college students to join us for Lunch in the Park on Sunday, September 19 at the 37th Street Park right across from Sheetz. Following morning worship,…

Sunday Evening Study

Join us as we host a weekly Evening Study at the church building from 6-7pm on Lord’s Day evenings. During that hour together, we will spend time singing, praying together, and examining the beautiful truths of the Heidelberg Catechism. Pastor Gregory, as well as others from the congregation will be leading us through this study.…

Youth Group

Students in grades 7-12, are invited to meet for fellowship and study on the 1st and 3rd Lord’s Days evenings, from 7:30-9:00pm at our sister church, College Hill Reformed Church (3217 College Ave). Although masks are not required, they are recommended.  We are looking forward to seeing the students again and diving back into God’s…

College Aged Bible Study

All college-aged adults are invited to attend a weekly Bible study held at Beaver Falls Coffee & Tea Co., led by Caleb McCracken and Aaron Murray. We will be studying the Old Testement book of Judges. Contact Aaron or Caleb with any questions you may have: and