What to Expect on Sunday Morning

As we approach God in worship, we are reminded of the grace and hope that we have received in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. As those who have been so loved by God, we respond in gratitude by putting the good of others and the community ahead of our own as we work together to provide a safe worship environment during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Therefore we ask that:

  • Anyone who thinks they may be a sick with the coronavirus, or any illness, please utilize the livestream from home.
  • You respect others and respect medical guidance for mask-wearing in indoor spaces. While masks are not required in most of our building, medical research indicates that N-95 masks or their equivalent are effective at reducing risk of infection for yourself and others. Anyone sitting in the reserved safer seating in the western section of pews is required to wear a mask.
  • You allow an usher to assist you in finding a seat so as to maximize our seating capacity.  The western section of pews are designated for greater social distancing in alternate pews, with masks required in the rearmost portion.
  • At the end of the service, as you dismiss yourselves, please maintain some spacing and avoid clumping up near the exit or on the outside steps. 

There are a few additional things to note: 

    • Preferred restrooms (including a handicapped restroom) are available through the door to the education wing at the right front of the sanctuary. Changing tables will be found in the hallway near the upstairs restrooms and in the fellowship hall. A secondary restroom can be found at the bottom of the stairs that are located at the left front of the sanctuary.
    • Children should remain with their parents and an adult should accompany children to the restrooms.
    • An nursery for children age three and under is available by the upstairs restrooms.
    • If you are unable to attend at some point in the future our livestream can be found here on website. Just click on the menu option “LIVE STREAM” on the top menu bar … or click here

 (updated 3/28/2022)